bwin必赢 and 文化


Our 316-acre campus is more than just a place to learn, it's your home away from home. From where you live and eat, to the friends you make, you're sure to be at 首页 at 山姆 Houston.


Get involved in 希腊的生活 or any one of our more than 250 student organizations and clubs and you'll not only be building your resume, but your social and professional networks as well. Must haves for post-graduation life.


Avoid "The Freshman 15" by staying active by working out at the 学生 Recreation Center, playing intramural or 俱乐部体育, or taking a competitive dip in the pool!


Cultivate a passion for the arts and activate your mind by attending live theatre, musical performances, 艺术展览, or special events like 山姆mypalooza and 同学会.